Breaching Tenancy Agreement Pets Uk

But the point is, the only downside, or above, depending on how you look at it, you won`t have to deal with owners like this, because there are a lot of owners who allow you to have pets I`m a managing agent for a boss owner who owns 102 apartments. In the rental agreement for each apartment, it is expressly stated that “the landlord`s written permission must be obtained before a bird cat dog or other animal is kept on the site.” Some tenants do not blatantly comply with this clause and get pets that cause problems. Is there a difference between a “tenant” who has acquired the lease and a “tenant” who pays a normal rent for the property? In most cases, I read that it is a tenant who rents only a property to the landlord and not through a tenant of the property owned by a principal tenant. Can I get permission for pets? I forgot to add that any landlord who brought his tenants to court because he broke this rule lost the case, and the tenant was allowed to stay in the property with the pet until the expiry of the contract, and with even more pro-animal groups developing, the owners lose even more attitude, and as the owner , you should really – read – the law and not accept the law what is the law, z.B. a tenant could bring you to justice and sue you for damages and harassment if you try to force them to get rid of the pet or threaten them with eviction, and you get a nice right of several thousand pounds , because there are many reasons why a tenant, anywhere, between an illegal contract (a tenant who says you can`t have pets) until the removal of self-worth and his own personality, there is the same color as the color of the hair. can be used. , room decorations and, etc., as they are all covered by the same legal protection, so there are many ways for a tenant to sue the landlord for thousands if you can get with them always a pet, look for all the legal cases that have passed around these subjects through the legal index or speak with a remarkable lawyer and not one , as you get in a corner of an Asda store, when it comes time to rent a new property, you will want a reference from your current owner. If you have agreed to have a pet, to ensure that it has not caused any nuisance to the neighbours and that you have paid to have the property cleaned at the end of the lease, you will receive a positive reference. If, on the other hand, you have not asked permission or if your pet has caused more damage, you will not get a good reference.