Cargo Service Agreement

(i) The parties agree that the liability and liability limitations in this Agreement will be valid after the expiry of this Agreement and will be considered as VALUESHIPR and as associate partners, such as anyone using the OWNER/SHIPPER cargo vehicle or services, any person who makes a claim on behalf of CARGO OWNER/SHIPPER, and any claim made by persons related to CARGO OWNER/SHIPPER 10. In the case of a fixed contract, transportation costs, service tax, service registration number and category are shown monthly. Payment is made within 30 business days from the date of loading and shipping. Each discrepancy in the invoice must be indicated in 3 working days. If the payment is not made within 30 working days, an interest rate of 9% per year is levied on the outstanding in proportion to maturity. The invoice is deducted on the basis of delivery. The customer reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time with prior written notification. In such a resignation. Unless the termination is due to a carrier violation of this agreement, the customer bears the fee per tonne up to the termination location to the service provider. During the duration of this agreement if the owner cargo ship/SHIPPER or its staff/representative/agent, etc. to engage in the anonymity of the image of the company of VALUESHIPR, but not limited to – by acts of public offence, misconduct, civil or punishable acts or other acts that are not committed in the peaceful pursuit of the authorized operation, the owner of CARGO / SHIPPER hereby undertakes to pay a penalty whose nature and quantity would be committed by the WERT. The sanction may take the form of financial compensation or termination of the contract, depending on the seriousness of the act that invites such an act. (f) Additional data collection by external sensory devices, including, but not limited, vehicle temperature, load quality, engine power, tyre pressure (the chosen case), etc.

The parties to the first and second parties agree that they will act and maintain themselves as independent providers and that there will be no relationship between VALUESHIPR and the owner of CARGO/SHIPPER and/or its collaborators within the meaning of the Class Action Act or other applicable laws or statutes. (e) Notwithstanding any other information contained in this Agreement, both parties agree to excuse any non-compliance resulting, in whole or in part, from an act or omission of a third party or a lack of equipment, god change, natural disasters, strikes, shortages of equipment or facilities, or other causes that are beyond the control or control of VALUESHIPR and its partner or service provider.