Happy New Year!


2012 is now history and I suppose the best news of the year was that December 21st, the date that the Mayan Calendar predicted as the end of the world, did not happen. That’s not to say that there was not other good news, but it’s a lot easier to remember bad news. For USC bad news, I would have to list the melt down of our football team as the most disappointing for sport fans. No one was predicting anything close to that.

For Trojan baseball, 2012 was another down year but with 2013 now here everyone is hoping that the program will be more competitive and ready to regain its creditability.
For our young Baseball Alumni Association (TBAA), it was another good year as they carried out a number of events with good results. There hope is that with each passing year the association will get better and better with more former players involved in events and coming out to be with former teammates.

New Year Resolutions…

At the start of every New Year a long time tradition is to make New Year’s resolutions. Most of us at least give thought about making New Year’s resolutions but the truth is few of us actually achieve our resolutions if we do make them. Stats show that only 8% are successful in achieving their resolutions. Reasons given for failing to achieve resolutions are that they are too often unrealistic, too vague and made half heartedly.

With the most commonly made resolutions being, Weight Loss, Getting Organized and Spend Less and Save More I can see why so few are kept. I’m told the key to making your resolutions is to avoid broad statements and boil your resolutions down to specifics.

I’m making only two resolutions this year. Although I have several things for 2013 that I plan on trying to work on and accomplish, I’m only going to list two resolutions.

1. Stay off ladders. This sounds crazy, I know, but two weeks ago I have to admit that I was up two stories high when my ladder slipped. I fell along with the ladder landing hard on my cement driveway. Wow! What a shock to my pride and to by body as well. Knowing I was stupid to even be on a ladder that high up, once I hit the driveway I peered around to see if by chance anyone happened to see my fall. No one had seen me fall so I was at least spared that embarrassment. In pain I crawled over to some steps to my house and rested a good 30 minutes, trying to determine how serious my injuries might be. I was hurting so badly I could not be sure but it appeared that I escaped having any broken bones. Every part of my body ached and would turn black and blue within an hour but I guess you could say that at my age I was really lucky if that’s all the damage I did. I don’t doubt that I may have a small fracture here and there that will heal over time but they can join all the other issues my body has collected in sports over the years. Anyway, I think staying off ladders is one New Year’s resolution that I will keep.

2. Showing my wife more attention. I plan to keep this resolution as well. This means I’m going to have to give up some of the things I now do. Only so many hours in a day and I’ve at times been remiss in this area. She has put up with a lot over the years and I plan to make up at least for some of it.

Trojan Baseball…

Collegiate Baseball pre season ranking and last years records.

1 Arkansas 46-22
2 North Carolina 46-16
3 Vanderbilt 35-28
4 Louisiana State 47-18
5 UCLA 48-16
6 Oregon 46-19
7 South Carolina 49-20
8 Kentucky 45-18
9 Stanford 41-18
10 Oregon State 40-20
11 NC State 43-20
12 San Diego 40-17
13 Mississippi State 40-24
14 Oklahoma 42-25
15 TCU 40-22
16 Arizona State 36-20
17 Georgia Tech 38-26
18 Arizona 48-17
19 Florida State 50-17
20 Rice 41-19
21 Texas 30-22
22 Louisville 41-22
23 Cal State Fullerton 36-21
24 Florida 47-20
25 Mississippi 37-26
26 Texas A&M 43-18
27 Clemson 35-28
28 Miami (Fla.) 36-23
29 Georgia 31-26
30 UC Irvine 31-25
31 Missouri State 40-22
32 Wichita State 35-25
33 New Mexico 37-24
34 Kent State 47-20
35 Virginia 39-19-1
36 Southern Miss. 32-24
37 East Carolina 36-24-1
38 Coastal Carolina 42-19
39 Dallas Baptist 41-19
40 Pepperdine 36-23

Trojan Baseball…

Not ranked in the top 40 is not indicative of the talent on this team. All of these players have had very successful high school careers. With hard work, belief in their ability and effective preparation by our coaching staff they can compete at the college level.

Alumni News…

Omaha Reflections…from an old veteran ball player

Let me see it in your eyes
Let me hear it in your voice
Do you feel it in your bones

The past is there to see
Omaha play and victory
We are SC

Let me see your effort
Let me feel your desire
Let me see your passion

Omaha is where to be
Are you ready for history
We are SC

Will you make the effort
Do you feel it in your heart
Do you feel it in your soul

You are history yet to be
It is Omaha and victory
We are SC

TBAA Happenings…

Your Trojan Baseball Alumni Association is currently working on a commemorative 2013 Baseball publication called, “Around the Horn”. The publication will be mailed to you early each year as a thank you for your ongoing contributions to TBAA and Trojan Baseball. Each year’s production will have information about our current year’s team, the roster and schedule and prior year’s results. We will include Alumni news articles on events of the prior year and Trojan history record information.

We plan for this to be a “lights out” product; you will want to keep each year’ edition. If you have recently changed your mailing address please let us know.

A final note on your contributions throughout the year, we are deeply appreciative as your donations go to help fund special needs within our current baseball program. As this year comes to an end and you consider your income and tax planning we are never shy about asking you to keep us in mind if there is an opportunity for an additional donation that might offset your income taxes. Contributions to TBAA are tax deductible. Contributions for our baseball program should be made out to TBAA and mailed to Rick Rice, Letterhead Factory, Inc.1007 E. Dominguez St., Ste. H Carson, CA 90746.


February 9 and 10… USC will honor our 1963 National Championship team. A red carpet treatment that will include a Saturday dinner then at Galen Center they will watch the Stanford USC basketball game followed by a post game cocktail party. Sunday they will be honored and introduced at a brunch attended by the current baseball players, their parents and Trojan supporters. After brunch they will enjoy the USC vs. Alumni baseball game at Dedeaux field.

February 10, 2013… Our Alumni vs. Trojans baseball game is scheduled for February 10, 2013. It’s time to get the arm loose and legs in shape. Come on back at least for a few swings in the batting cage. If you prefer, it’s ok to just sit in the stands and be part of the camaraderie. Play or watch but be there!

February 15, 2013… Our baseball Trojans open their 2013 season on Friday, Feb. 15 at Cal State Fullerton

February 17, 2013… The first home game set for Sunday, Feb. 17 against Nebraska.


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