Sheer Talent won’t get us there…

Sheer Talent won’t get us there
But desire, perseverance and work ethic will.


At long last what we have been waiting for is now available. Dave Rankin’s book on Rod Dedeaux is now in print. The title is Rod Dedeaux: Master of the Diamond. The book paints a portrait of the most successful college baseball coach in history with biographical information, dozens of photos from throughout his lifetime, and personal tributes and memories from former players including Randy Johnson and Tom Seaver. The book should hold special interest for players, coaches, and fans, but also for the general reader who is curious to know how a legendary man conducted the business of teaching young men about baseball and about life.

I can’t imagine anyone that played for Rod or knew him that would not want this book in their office or home. You can order it directly from the publisher by clicking on And then at the top of the page click on “baseball”.

Trojan Football News…

With the aches and pains of the 7-6 record for 2012 still being felt, the 13 game 2013 schedule is already out. The season starts August 29 with a game in Hawaii on a Thursday. September 7 starts league play with a home game against Washington State followed by two home non conference games with Boston College and Utah State. Notre Dame game is an away this year on October 19 and UCLA is a home game on November 30. Oregon and Washington are not on our 2013 schedule.

Cooperstown and the Steroid Era…

For many, Cooperstown is a small town in NY with a population just over 2,000, founded by William Cooper the father of the famous American author James Fenimore Cooper. For many others that grew up with baseball, it’s a place of awe, a big part of our lives and holds a special place in our hearts. It’s the mythical birthplace of baseball. It’s the home to baseball’s Hall of Fame. It’s where the inductions occurred for such legends as Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Ty Cobb and other greats.

Recently 600 sports writers protected the Hall of Fame institution by looking beyond the statistical accomplishments of steroid era players including super-stars Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens. At lease for this year, these players were refused induction into the Hall of Fame.

If numbers and stats were the only consideration the process would have been much different. However, many do not know that achieving enshrinement in Cooperstown, by definition, includes more than a player’s stats. The rules require that sportsmanship, integrity and character also to be considered when determining the qualifications for entering the Hall of Fame.

Trojan Golden Baseball Years…

I words were never in our vocabulary. You never heard the “I” word, it was always “we”. Rod also made sure we never used other “I” words like: Impossible, Implausible or Impractical.

Baseball Notes…

Some of you reading this still have young kids and others have grandchildren so I hope you read this with their futures in mind. Every year about this time I think back to my college playing days at SC. Before my senior year I was looking at sports as a means to an end (getting a college education). I thought, even if I did make baseball a career, it won’t be forever so I needed to take seriously my opportunity for an education.

My point being, no matter how exceptional you think your kid is in sports; please make sure you stress the need for a good education. Even if they are fortunate to have a successful baseball career, more than half of their life remains after their playing days. You have to also consider the real possibility that even with great talent they may have a career ending injury along the way. During my time at SC I can think of four teammates that signed and were injured. I am positive they all had major league potential. The greatest advice and favor you can give your kids is to go to college and get an education.

TBAA Happenings…

Your Trojan Baseball Alumni Association is currently working on a commemorative 2013 Baseball publication called, “Around the Horn”. The publication will be mailed to you early this year as a thank you for your ongoing contributions to TBAA and Trojan Baseball. Each year’s production will have information about our current year’s team, the roster and schedule and prior year’s results. We will include Alumni news articles on events of the prior year and Trojan history record information.

We plan for this to be a “lights out” product; you will want to keep each year’ edition. If you have recently changed your mailing address please let us know.

A note on your contributions, we are deeply appreciative of your donations as they go to help fund special needs within our current baseball program. Contributions to TBAA are tax deductible. Contributions for our baseball program should be made out to TBAA and mailed to Rick Rice, Letterhead Factory, Inc.1007 E. Dominguez St., Ste. H Carson, CA 90746.


February 9 and 10… USC will honor our 1963 National Championship team. On the 10th at the annual Galen Center Sunday brunch they will be honored and introduced. The event will be attended by the current baseball players, their parents and Trojan supporters. After brunch they will enjoy the USC vs. Alumni baseball game at Dedeaux field. Sunday evening the ’63 team will attend the Washington USC basketball game and introduced at half time.

February 10, 2013… Our Alumni vs. Trojans baseball game is scheduled for February 10, 2013. Are you ready? It’s time to get the arm loose and legs in shape. Come on back at least for a few swings in the batting cage. If you prefer, it’s ok to just sit in the stands and be part of the camaraderie, that’s where I’ll be. Play or watch but be there!

February 15, 2013… Our baseball Trojans open their 2013 season on Friday, Feb. 15 at Cal State Fullerton.

February 17, 2013… The first home game set for Sunday, Feb. 17 against Nebraska. We hope to have a tailgate prior to game time and renew old friendships. Plan to make this event if you can.


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