Terminates Merger Agreement

Peck had received sufficient commitments to authorize the merger, but following Sunwork`s termination, Peck cancelled the proposed special meeting of shareholders. The termination of the merger agreement does not affect the strategic alliance between the two companies announced in December 2001. Richard Pops, CEO of Alkermes, will continue to work on Reliant`s Board of Managers. The companies have agreed to terminate the merger contract due to the general market conditions. No payments are triggered by mutual termination and each company bears its own legal and transaction fees. The essential is not defined by clear quantitative measures. The court found that Channel`s representations were unclear at the time of the agreement, as Channel was unable to meaningfully comply with the current part of the FDA Regulation, Section 820.30. In particular, making the channel available required establishing and maintaining procedures for design verification, design validation, documentation and approval of design changes prior to implementation, the latter of which had to be included in a file history. The court accepted Boston Scientific that Shankar`s seven false test records, which were published in six reports, influenced verification and validation requirements, and Channel also did not document any changes to Cerene. In considering whether these inaccuracies were essential, the Tribunal upheld the disclosure-based standard adopted in Akorn and Frontier Oil v. Holly Corp., which provides that an infringement is considered essential if there is “a significant likelihood that those rules are. The fact [of the infringement] would have been regarded by the reasonable investor as a substantial change in the `overall information package`. In taking note of the absence of information in the file, the Court found that that fact was not relevant solely `in the context of the agreement of the parties`.

However, the court found that Channel`s failure to comply with the requirement to conduct an appropriate design story, coupled with the presence of false recordings, was essential. . . .