The Four Agreements Journal Prompts

This agreement is the most important because it allows the implementation of the other agreements. But this image is unrealistic and because we cannot integrate, we are ready for failure. By not being perfect, we reject ourselves; the extent to which this is the case depends on the extent to which our integrity has been shattered by these previously created agreements. If you`ve read it before, you know its power, and I encourage you to read it again. Every time I take it, I discover something new. When you`re there for the first time, get ready for important moments for light bulbs! Healthy relationships build on these agreements. Look for ways to transform yourself. To heal. Start making new chords like the 4 chords that resonate with you. 8. The four agreements seem to be common sense. Do you find it easy or difficult to put these agreements into practice? Has the practice of one or more of the Four Agreements changed your life? The key to maintaining these agreements is action, because manifestation comes from continuous action. We learn by doing; we transform ourselves through repetition.

Take stock of your current agreements; develop an awareness of all the beliefs that make you unhappy. When you`re not connected, healthy relationships feel elusive. This book is a good place to start because each agreement is specific, tangible and actionable. If you dedicate yourself to these four agreements, your relationships will improve. Absolute. They help correct many common mistakes: I`ve included journal prompts (available as a PDF download) at the end of each article to increase your self-esteem and explore the motivation behind your behavior. Awareness is the first step in the work I do, and this book is a great tool for that. You can only change what you are aware of, so this will be a great exercise to connect with yourself.

To help you with your observations, keep a journal to write down what you notice each day. I`m going to give some tips on what to watch out for through some journal prompts. Even in our own minds, we experience it; random thoughts that have no explanation, contradictory beliefs; we must take into account our agreements to settle this mess. Quite simple – but for me a constant challenge. I`ve spent years taking things personally, perhaps because I`ve made assumptions. When someone behaves towards me in a certain way, it`s easy to assume it`s because of something I`ve done or something I haven`t done. I fought to be imperfect enough for them to behave this way towards me. I assumed it was me. Yes, I want to be a better person and help develop strong, healthy relationships where the people in my life treat me well. BUT sometimes the way people act is about them, not about me.

If I do my best and you are grumpy with me, you may have had a bad night`s sleep or an argument with your spouse and it has nothing to do with me. Maybe you`re focusing on your own needs and not mine. Even if you`re grumpy with me because I`m laughing too hard, I`m forced into you, or I`m boring you, well, I`m focused on doing my best, but that doesn`t mean everyone will love me. It`s not as personal as a fact of life that we don`t all love each other in the same way. So I often remember the four chords – I do my best to follow them and say consciously that I will continue to improve. I ask for more information when I need it and I give people the space to behave the way they behave without assuming it`s me. Have you read all four agreements? Have you put into practice some or all of the agreements in your life? Go step by step and be patient with yourself – you can`t expect a transformation in a day (remember how many years you`ve been nourished by these agreements!). Don Miguel Ruiz`s little thin book “The Four Chords” offers four simple life tips: The purpose of consciousness is to observe without judgment. This last part is very important because it is about NOT fighting for what “seems” to break the agreements.

It is of no use and only distracts you from what is going on inside. It may seem so important to the world (and to you) to see yourself as perfect, but it`s impossible to support it. The goal is not perfection. The goal is never perfection. We are imperfect people doing our best, and the latest deal comes to that point. We have the power to break them, instead of forming more self-love, creating more correspondences with ourselves out of love and not out of fear, but so often we don`t. The book then describes 4 important and powerful chords that will help you regain your power and change your life. The most important agreements are those you have made with yourself; To tell you who you are, how you feel, how to behave; Your personality; “That`s who I am, that`s what I believe.” A single agreement is not such a problem, but we have so many that cause us suffering. We spend much of our personal power to abide by these agreements. I have wanted to read the four agreements for ages. It`s short, to the point, and I`ve been told so many times how much it resonates with everyone who reads it.

It is very important to record what you observe, and I suggest doing it in small points. You can save it in your own journal or download and print this PDF. No judgment or comment. Just write down what you observe. If you keep reading what you`ve written, patterns will emerge. Ultimately, you`ll be more attuned to the areas of your life where you most often break each of the four chords. It`s not all about you. What someone does or says is not up to you. It`s about the other person, because all people live in their own heads. What others say and do is because of the agreements they have – it`s because of their programming.

And if you take it personally, you accept that it`s true, and perpetuate these toxic agreements in your own mind. The first step is consciousness; Recognize that we have these agreements, but also recognize that there is no need to continue to suffer. “When you feel good, everything around you is good, if everything around you is great, everything makes you happy. You love everything around you because you love yourself. Because you love how you are. Because you are satisfied with your life. You are happy with the film you are producing, happy with your chords with life. You are at peace and you are happy.

You live in this state of bliss where everything is so wonderful and everything is so beautiful. In this state of bliss, you make love all the time with everything you perceive. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Chords In the next four articles, I will break down each chord and explain what it is, why it is important and how I have applied it to my life. All four are the key to a healthy relationship and a happier life. .