Verisign Registry Registrar Agreement

CONSIDERING that several registrars provide internet domain name registration services in the high-level .COM domain where Verisign operates and manages certain TLD servers and zone files; (a) the duration of the agreement; Revisions. The obligations and obligations of the parties under this agreement apply from the effective date to the last day of the calendar month sixty (60) months from the effective date (the “initial period”). Once the initial term is over, all provisions of this agreement are automatically extended by five (5) extended periods until the termination of the contract, as stipulated in the contract, the Registrar decides not to renew the registration TLD registry or Verisign stops operating the TLD registry. If ICANN approves or accepts changes to the Verisign registration agreement, the Registrar has thirty (30) days from the date of notification of such a review to review, comment on and implement an amendment that replaces the revised agreement instead of this agreement, or the Registrar, as it is available, can notify him immediately within thirty (30) days, without notice, by announcing the agreement in writing; However, unless Verisign receives from the clerk, within thirty-one (30) days from the date of the notice of contract, such an amendment or termination period executed by the clerk, the clerk is considered to have been executed on the thirty-oneth day (31) following the date of the notice. (b) The operational standards, policies, procedures and practices for the non-arbitrary manner established by Von Verisign from time to time (“Operational Requirements”) applicable to all Registrars, including Verisign`s associated companies, and in accordance with Verisign`s registration agreement with ICANN, if applicable, after Verisign`s notification to the Registrar of setting these conditions. The Verisign platform for new gTLDs is a back-end platform for your front interface for consumers. All registrars must perform a unique integration with Verisign of its new gTLD platform. After graduation,. CAREER-certified registrars can immediately add registration services. CAREER and present them on its website. Verisign Operational Test and Evaluation Environment (OT-E) for new gTLD`s: registration for the OT-E tests of . CAREER, you must confirm Verisign`s execution. CAREER Registry-Registrar-Vereinbarung (Step 2 above).

Verisign Customer Affairs then made its SRS evaluation agreement available to the Registrar. Please contact Verisign`s Customer Affairs Office directly at to request the SRS evaluation agreement. Within the ETA, registrars may choose to test any of the following: 1. “Sunrise Test”This gTLD is predetermined to allow registrars to execute EPP commands during the Sunrise period. To participate, Registrars must have successfully completed integration tests with the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse-Anbieter and have standard Signed Mark Data (SMD) files in their possession to support the submission of a Sunrise domain create command.2. “Claim Test”This gTLD is predetermined to allow registrars to execute EPP commands during the next claim notification period. With this gTLD, registrars can test the claims verification command to obtain the CNIS search key for compliance with positive brand claims with a domain name, the transmission of damage returns to filers, and the subsequent transmission of information to accept damage notifications by a filer at registration in the create command domain.3 “Open test”This gTLD simulates business logic after exceeding the reference period.