Vps Agreement 2020 Update

The Victorian Public Service Undertaking Agreement 2020 was officially approved by the Fair Work Commission on 2 October 2020 and put into operation on 9 October 2020. Benefits for workers under the new company agreement include annual wage increases, a new mobility payment, higher overtime rates and night pay, as well as more parental leave. This corporate agreement, if approved, applies to ASU members working at the Department of Transportation. Fair Work approved our Victorian Public Service EE 2020 this afternoon and the agreement will come into effect after 7 days, starting next Friday, October 9, 2020. The government indicates payments before Christmas with agencies that begin processing, which can take 6 to 8 weeks. Happy holidays. Congratulations to all. Clause 15 contains a statement of intent that the VPS Agreement as a whole is to be interpreted in accordance with the mobility principles and an explicit obligation for the parties to work towards the operationalisation of the mobility principles during the term of the agreement. If you have any questions regarding the VPS agreement, please send an email to vpsagreement2020@dpc.vic.gov.au (link will leave this page). In accordance with Article 28, employers must also consult the PCSU to develop action plans for equality between women and men, in accordance with the Law 2020 on Equality between Women and Men (Vic). Such a transfer would be by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker, instead of proceeding with an unsatisfactory work delivery process, in accordance with clause 24. Medium term: Probation review processes need to be updated, as well as internal misconduct and performance procedures, as well as salary changes, need to be updated. As of today, the new Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (VPS Agreement) is operational, with a nominal expiry date of 20 March 2024.

It will cover most of VPS`s non-executive staff and replace the existing terms of employment contained in the 2016 Victorian Public Service Undertaking Agreement (2016 Agreement). The Community and Public Sector Union and the state government have united on the VPS 2020 corporate agreement. Flexible working will be clarified and protected by combining all existing agreements into a special part of the new agreement. Employees no longer have to work 12 months before requesting flexible working hours. .